Benefits Of Enrichment

Benefits of Enrichment

Many coaching experts often emphasize on personal enrichment in order to achieve life goals. By having clear defined goals, it becomes easier to pinpoint what needs to be done to achieve the set goals. Job enrichment is the most important form of personal satisfaction. Since most folks are trapped in monotonous jobs with no personal or professional satisfaction, job enrichment through employee recognition is of utmost importance.

1. Feedback
Allocation of tasks and responsibilities at the workplace is a great way to improve personal satisfaction. Task identity will give employees a chance to carry out their responsibilities in the stipulated time, thereby improve sufficiency whereas feedback gives employers an opportunity to appreciate employees output.

2. Encourages teamwork
Managers who understand the importance of teamwork at the workplace are systematically increasing job enrichment of their staff. By identifying clear goals and objectives, decision making and execution of tasks is now up to the team. This technique is a great way to improve job enrichment in a large business.

3. Power delegation
Job enrichment through job satisfaction is also achieved through power delegation. Working in teams and picking a leader will hold employees accountable for their actions, which in turn improves job enrichment and satisfaction. As a manger, it is important to ensure that your employees understand that supervisory power begets responsibility.

4. Feedback and evaluation
Employee feedback also improves job enrichment. It is essential to deliver feedback irrespective of whether it is poor or good in order to evaluate employee performance. In other words, the best way to improve customer satisfaction is through the use of a more personal approach of evaluation instead of a supervisory role.
Job enrichment has its set of challenges due to absenteeism and poor execution of tasks. However, these challenges are expected in any work environment and hence there is no cause of alarm.

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