Benefits of Energy Conservation

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Benefits of Energy Conservation

It is highly recommended that we all do our best to undertake measures of energy conservation. The conservation of energy has many benefits. These benefits come in different forms including lower utility bills and protection against the high costs of energy. Energy efficiency lights allow you to save the cost of your electric bill. The following are some other benefits of conserving energy.

1. Decreased air pollution

When fossil fuels such as coal are burned to produce energy, then various gases as well as other fine particles are released into the air. If these emitted substances are not controlled, they can easily damage your health as well as pollute the environment. The air pollutants can stay in the air for quite some time and thus cause problems for the whole ecosystem.

2. Better safety and health

Through cleaning our appliances frequently, we could possibly make our houses even more energy efficient. If you make your home free from bacteria and dirt, then it is highly likely that the equipment will function properly. This also guarantees better indoor air circulation and eliminates the chances of diseases.

3. Saves money

It is essential that you undertake some money saving measures and techniques, particularly due to the global crisis. Through the use of energy conservation products, it is more likely that you will save lots of money. Examples of products that you can save money on include heating appliances as well as lighting equipment like energy saving bulbs.

4. Longer life span

Usually, energy conservation products like low voltage bulbs as well as other electronic items have a longer life span in comparison to the normal bulbs. This reduces overall cost as well as maintenance time.

Nevertheless, energy conservation also has its own disadvantages. For instance, if an industry is shut down due to pollution, then there are many people who will be negatively affected, particularly those that depended on such a factory for a living.

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  1. Kevin Carney

    September 13, 2010 8:30 pm

    Another benefit, which is sort of in the “Saves money” category, is that retrofitting your home to use less energy, is the cheapest form of energy you can buy. It’s counter intuitive, but if you spend money to retrofit your home so your home consumes less energy, the cost per KWH is less than if you add energy generating capacity (solar panels for instance). Anyone who is considering adding solar or wind or geothermal, should first retrofit to save energy, then if extra capacity makes sense, a smaller (and cheaper) system will suffice. I have seen charts and graphs on the Internet that make this point, but I couldn’t find them right now.

    Kevin @ Solera Home Improvement

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