Benefits Of Enchanting

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Benefits of Enchanting

Enchanting refers to a profession in WOW that focuses on magically enhancing existing items. Becoming an enchanter in World of Warcraft has displayed innumerable benefits. Further down is an extensive explanation of the key benefits of enchanting.

1. Enhances items
Many of the items produced by enchanting are not actually created. Instead, they are alterations of current items, providing them an extra +5 stamina or something else. While it might be similar to the process of sharpening stones, enhancing gear is far more advanced and effective. By enhancing your gear, you will likely increase your chances of success in the game.

2. Offers suitable alternative
Enchanting profession creates a beneficial use for surplus or unwanted items. Through disenchanting a particular item, an enchanter basically breaks it down to its magical parts. These magical components got through disenchanting may be used for enchanting another completely different item. Most enchanting supplies usually come from disassembling other magical items. Sometimes dismantling items is their best use and thus enchanting is very useful in this respect.

3. Versatility
Enchanting is regarded as the most versatile profession that a player can select in WOW. The key reason is that enchanters can perform their profession anywhere. They do not even require going to a special location so as to use their professions, unlike Blacksmiths.

4. Magical oils
Enchanters can easily turn their shards and dusts to magical oils, which are quite important. When these oils are applied topically to weapons, they add a provisional bonus against magical damage.

5. Compatibility
Enchanting is popularly used together with Tailoring profession. Through turning cloth into quality items, a player can proceed to disenchant whatever item they make and then use the items for leveling their enchanting.
The disadvantage of enchanting is that it is not effective with regards to getting money from your profession. Actually, it is better to consider Jewelcrafting than enchanting.

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