Benefits Of Employee Empowerment

Benefits of Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment simply means creating a stable working environment where employees can make their own decisions in certain work-related situations. The concept behind employee empowerment is geared towards motivating the employees, to improve their quality of work and build morale. Here are some of the benefits of employee empowerment in an organization.

1. Encourage employee satisfaction

Delegating responsibilities to employees is an effective management strategy the helps to increase employee satisfaction. Empowering your employees gives them a feeling of belonging and ownership, which directly translates to efficiency in production.

2. Better customer service

Employees with incentives from higher authorities in the organization feel that they require gaining a level of authority, knowledge and control that is necessary to solve customer related problems. As a result, they are able to deliver better services to their customers. According to recent findings, employees feel more useful when given a chance to contribute in decision making.

3. Employee retention

Organizations that acknowledge employee’s opinion create stable working environment of honor, contentment and respect. Companies that use this kind of leadership attract trustworthy employees who work with them for a long period. On the other hand, chance of loosing loyal employees in an authoritative organization are higher, therefore this means employees should be given a chance to participate in decision making.

4. Increased Profits

Since most companies work geared towards reaping nice profits, employee empowerment is essential when it comes to increasing profitability. Empowering each employee helps lower absenteeism and encourages productivity, which in turn increases profits in the organization.

5. Better motivation

Employee empowerment is the leading factor behind employee training and education. Less conflict with managers and administration means employees are motivated to contribute in decision making which it vital in terms of increasing company’s profitability.

The main disadvantage of employee empowerment is that when conflict arises, interpersonal relations might suffer since differences between employees can arise. On the other hand, not all employees are proficient to work in a dynamic environment and therefore are not able to contribute in decision making.

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  1. Employee empowerment can not be achieved without building and developing human capacity.
    Team members must not only have the confidence and competence to undertake assignments but also to have the opportunities to expand and excel. Confidence and competence increase when people gain more experience in organization and management and acquire new knowledge and skills, including the capacity to generate knowledge. It’s not easy to empower people and it’s not just a one time activity. This section is about empowerment in practice and how managers can do it to improve the quality of their relationships with staff and the overall productivity of the company. Read more at


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