Benefits Of Elliptical Training

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Benefits of Elliptical Training

Elliptical training is generally done on elliptical machines and it has become the common option for cardiovascular workouts. Athletes and other people use elliptical training as a method of improving strength and overall fitness. Essentially, elliptical training provides an effective substitute to other cardio workouts. Here are benefits of elliptical training;

1. Calorie burning
Elliptical training is effective at assisting users to burn calories and fat. The elliptical machines usually have the added feature of a heart monitor so that you can easily view your current heart rate. This means you can choose to keep the same intensity and speed to either increase or reduce your heart beat as you perform the workout. This is an effective method of burning calories and fat.

2. Strength
Elliptical training exercises most of the muscles in the body and it thus builds overall body strength. Different from a stair climber or treadmill, an elliptical machine offers full body workout. Lower body muscles like the hamstrings, hips, calf and quadriceps are effectively worked in elliptical training. Upper body parts including the shoulders, back and arms are also exercised.

3. Low impact training
A major elliptical training advantage is that it is low impact in nature. It thereby places minimal stress on the knee, hip and ankle joints. When running or walking, the ground impact sends a jolting impact throughout various joints, which can cause injuries like sprains, joint pain and swelling. However, with elliptical training, less stress is placed on the joints and this makes it useful for individuals with arthritis.

4. Cardiovascular benefits
Cardio workouts, like elliptical training, are necessary for reducing or preventing heart disease. Other than heart disease prevention, elliptical training also enhances heart function and lowers bad cholesterol.
However, elliptical training does not provide a vigorous workout as certain people require. Working out with a bike or treadmill is actually better for weight loss.

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