Benefits of elixir master

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Benefits of elixir master

Being an elixir master is one of three specializations in the popular online game called World of Warcraft. ‘ As its name suggests, being an elixir master means that a character in the game is able to make so-called elixirs that are sourced from a variety of ingredients including herbs, oils, and reagents for example. ‘ These elixirs are also created with different effects like transmutation of stones and minerals, power of invisibility, or power in terms of being lucky in finding the best treasures. ‘ The other specializations in this massively multi-player online game are transmutation master and potion master. ‘ A player may choose either specialty once he/she is able to reach level 80 with a skill set of 475. ‘ As for becoming an elixir master, the following are the benefits:

1. Best specialty for raiding

The World of Warcraft involves various players from around the world and the best way to raid a particular guild or unit is by becoming an elixir master. ‘ This is especially beneficial if one chooses to be a non-healer.

2. More powers over time

Being an elixir master also results to more powers to create powerful concoctions which can give different effects. ‘ If one needs to be invisible, he/she can make an elixir that can give the power of invisibility. ‘ And the best thing about mastering this specialty is that one will be able to make more and more elixirs as the skill level progresses.

3. Improved mission success

An elixir master will achieve mission success in the game by simply creating the perfect concoctions for what is needed at a particular time in the game. ‘ If the elixir master wants to earn money just like the transmutation master, he/she can simply create elixirs for this purpose. ‘ And at the same time, the elixir master may also opt to create elixirs that can provide the power of transmutation.

For many players of the World of Warcraft, being an elixir master basically combines the power of all Alchemy specialties. ‘ One just has to choose the right elixirs to create at a given time in order to progress in the game successfully.

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