Benefits Of Egyptian Cotton

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Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is made from the fertile soil along the River Nile. This particular cotton has long fibers, which are called staples. Long staple forms of cotton usually are of high quality and boast of an increased thread count. The Egyptian cotton is used for making towels, bed sheets and various other products. To find out what benefits Egyptian cotton offers, continue reading.

1. Soft fabric
When linens and towels are produced from Egyptian cotton, a major noticeable benefit is that it offers a very soft fabric. Through simply touching the product, shoppers and users can experience the suppleness and smoothness of Egyptian cotton as compared to products made using a cotton mixture. That is a key reason children like sleeping on bed sheets made from this kind of cotton.

2. Enables aeration
Egyptian cotton allows air to easily flow through the numerous spaces in between stitches. For those using cotton bed sheets, this allows the natural heat of the body to control the temperature present in the bed. However, cotton blends normally trap in the person’s body heat, causing discomfort during the night. Even though cotton blends are less wrinkled following washing, it is far better to deal with several wrinkles as compared to sleeping on bed sheets that are uncomfortable.

3. Durable
The other large benefit of Egyptian cotton products like bed sheets and towels is that they are very durable. Actually, cotton sheets can withstand several years of use and washing, unlike other products that normally break down with time. Bed sheets made from cotton mixtures usually pill and get little fabric balls, which generally irritate and itch the skin.
Aside from all its advantages, Egyptian cotton may have certain drawbacks. For instance, due to the long nature of its staples, it is more costly than the locally available cottons.

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