Benefits of egg whites

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Health and beauty benefits of egg whites

There is growing popularity for egg whites as they are concentrated sources of proteins while at the same are very low in cholesterol content. The high level cholesterol present in whole egg has forced many people to avoid eggs in their breakfast and also in their daily diet. However, studies have revealed that egg whites when separated from the yolk will have only very little of cholesterol and more of protein content which has been proven to be highly beneficial for health.

Egg whites free from any special color or flavor can be blended into any food item easily. People started including egg whites in their breakfast in the form of omelets, salads and sandwiches. Studies show that apart from the presence of proteins in high levels in egg whites, they also contain several essential minerals which include magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, Zinc, iron and phosphorus.

They contain high levels of sodium, so anyone who has restrictions on including sodium in their diet need to consult their physician before including egg whites to their diet. Egg whites are a concentrated source of riboflavin and selenium. There are also other essential vitamins like folate, Niacin betaine, choline and B12 present in egg whites. Contrary to belief,consuming eggs moderately on regular basis can reduce risk of heart attacks, clots and strokes. Eating egg whites can also help in improving lipid profiles. They are the only natural sources of vitamin D.They help one in maintaining good health of the eyes and also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

Egg whites being rich in proteins are also good for losing weight. Protein rich food sends message to the brain that one is full and does not feeling hungry anymore. One can derive much longer lasting energy from egg protein which can help a person to stay active for longer time without feeling hungry, which is the key factor that contributes to weight loss.

Apart from the health benefits of egg whites, they are also highly beneficial to the skin when applied on it. Beauty clinics use egg whites in making face packs and face masks .Egg whites give good nourishment to the skin when applied on the skin and also effectively reduce wrinkles and scars on the face. They are just perfect to use for people with oily skin and have acne problems. Being so versatile, egg whites should be definitely included in one’s regular diet to avail of all the above benefits they offer.

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