Benefits of ECT

Benefits of ECT

Electroconvulsive is commonly practiced in mental hospitals and general hospitals. It was widely used to treat ‘’insanity” in the 16th century, and was administered in schizophrenic patients to relieve the symptoms of depression. Vagas nerve stimulation as well as electroconvulsive therapy is popularly used to reduce cases of severe depression. Additionally, alternative therapies like hypnosis and yoga can be used to treat mild cases of depression.

1. Treats cancer

ECT can be used to treat certain types of cancer, thereby allowing the patient to live a healthy lifestyle while undergoing treatment. The best thing is that you never have to worry about adverse side effects. Additionally, it also offers reduction of tumor during the initial stages of treatment.

2. Rapid recovery

ECT utilizes computer controlled machines to remove tumors, while leaving other parts unharmed in the body. It also helps cancer patients recover from the effects of chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatment.

3. Affordable

ECT is a diagnostic technique that can monitor the development of tumor during surgery, thus ensures it does not harm other parts in the body. In addition, it is affordable than other conventional medication techniques.

4. Treats prostrate cancer

ECT is an effective treatment for prostrate cancer. The best thing is that you never have to worry about erectile dysfunction, bladder control or potency problems after or during prostrate cancer therapy.

5. Prevent disfigurement after surgery

ECT completely destroys head, facial, neck and skin cancers, and also prevents disfigurements and loss of body tissues that is commonly associated with conventional surgery.

6. Treats migraines

Recent studies indicate that ETC is a possible therapy for migraines, epilepsy, stroke, osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s patients also benefit from magnetic treatment.

Apart from its numerous benefits, ECT therapy is clouded with controversy as it is associated with adverse side effects such as amnesia. Most people also claim it is costly than other conventional techniques.

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