Benefits Of Eccentric Exercise

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Benefits of Eccentric Exercise

According to physical therapists, there are two types of contractions; eccentric or concentric. Concentric exercises simply involve muscle movements where muscles shorten during contraction. Eccentric exercise, on the other hand entail muscle contraction as the muscles lengthen. Listed below are the benefits of eccentric exercise.

1. Prevents Type 2 diabetes
Eccentric exercise has proven useful in preventing Type 2 diabetes. Eccentric doesn’t mean wrestling alligators or extreme ironing but instead any form of exercise which involves muscle stretching, For example, lowering free weights or cycling. Studies show that eccentric exercise may help control Type 2 diabetes.

2. Improves strength
The main benefit of performing eccentric exercise is improved overall strength as opposed to performing concentric exercises. Eccentric exercises basically stimulate muscle growth as they focus on muscle contraction. However, it is advisable to incorporate other intensive exercise into you workout regiment for improved overall strength.

3. Good for anti-inflammatory disorders
Painful heel disorders are prevalent in long distance runners and can affect folks of all ages. I am sure you have come across the term Achilles tendinosis. This debilitating disorder affects 20+ years old, but studies now show that eccentric exercise may help reduce inflammation.

4. Treats tennis elbow
Lateral epicondylitis, commonly referred to as tennis elbow affects people of all ages. This condition is characterized by a sharp pain in the elbow and result due to excess physical activity. Some of the activities associated with this condition are plumbing, meat cutting and playing tennis. You can include eccentric exercise into your workout regimen to treat tennis elbow once and for all.

5. Strengthens knee muscles
Eccentric exercise can be useful in the treatment of patellar or knee tendinitis. You can perform hamstring exercise to ease pain in your knees.
Eccentric exercises are not effective when it comes to building mass. For this reason, you need to incorporate other intensive exercises into your workout regimen.

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