Benefits Of E-mail marketing

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Benefits Of E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a kind of direct marketing in which electronic mail is used as a means of communicating messages both commercial and fund raising in nature to an audience. Broadly defined, all e-mails sent to potential and current customers are included in e-mail marketing. The primary cause for the widespread use of internet marketing is the enhanced growth of internet as a medium. Most of the business prospects spend long hours online rather than reading a magazine or newspaper or watching TV and other media. Email marketing is a cost effective and an effective method of marketing. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of email marketing. Some of these benefits include:

1. Helps in increasing sales.
An average person usually likes to see or hear about a product seven times before an actual purchase takes place.
This is where Email marketing comes into importance as sellers can send a sequence of messages to their email subscribers. These emails will help in educating the consumers about the products and services offered by them. Educated customers develop trust in you. Gradually, selling becomes a painless and natural process, thus increasing sales.

2. Helps in promoting products.
Email marketing is a great way of sending promotional messages. It helps businesses inform prospects about the release of new stocks.

3. Helps in generating repeat business.
It is a known fact that the cost of generating a new customer is much higher than selling the products to the same customer over and over again. A satisfied customer is the key to generate other customers. Email marketing is the secret weapon leading to the retention of old customers.

4. Enhances customer elationship management.
Email marketing is a great way of customer relationship management. Sending emails helps businesses to keep in regular touch with the customers and thus enhance the chances of repeat sales.

5. Increases average order value.
Email marketing, when done correctly helps in increasing average order value for most industries. For instance, businesses like dry cleaning can send email to their customers regarding other services such as home delivery services and ironing business shirts. This will help in saving their time to generate more sales for the business.

6. Helps in getting valuable feedback.
As email is a kind of faceless communication, customers send their feedback about a product or service with great honesty.

When email marketing is used correctly and over and over again, it can outperform other marketing activities and bring a lot of benefits for the businesses as well as for the customers.

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