Benefits Of e-health

Benefits of e-health

The term e-health refers to the provision of healthcare practice that is supported mainly by electronic communication and processes. It basically entails simplifying processes linked to transactions, communication and information between and within healthcare professionals and facilities through using ICT. The following are benefits of e-health.

1. Enables advanced procedures
With e-health, doctors are capable of guiding each other through difficult procedures so as to prevent medical errors. During a risky surgery, a surgeon can do the procedure while the other surgeon provides him or her instructions via a webcam, supervising the whole procedure to make certain that nothing wrong happens. The attending doctor may even ask some questions during the procedure, enabling them to ensure that the procedure is going on well.

2. Increases accessibility
A great advantage of e-health is that it enables better access of medical records. It eliminates the requirement of digging through different file rooms so as to locate a certain file. Through e-health, all the necessary files are placed in a central database and thus doctors can look at whichever medical they need, particularly during emergencies. Furthermore, this helps the patients also as they no longer require getting their records from one hospital when they are seeing new doctors. The doctor can log into the database, thereby being capable of accessing all the records. Electronic filing systems that are done using computers are also more efficient than the traditional paper filing systems.

3. Better consultations
Through e-health, doctors can consult with other specialists without the need of leaving the hospital. A patient’s medical records may be viewed by several doctors so as to clearly identify the problem. This enables patients to consult with any physician throughout the world before deciding to go to their offices for assistance.
Nevertheless, the benefits of e-health may take some time to be noticed as the hospital workers may need time to familiarize themselves with the new technology.

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