Benefits of Dzi

Benefits of Dzi

Dzi refer to beads that originated in Tibet. ‘ Pronounced as “jee”, these beads are said to contain supernatural powers that may benefit people from all walks of life. Dzi beads are decorated with bands, waves, lines, and eye circles and according to legend, the number of eyes in the beads provide different types of benefits which may include the following:

1. Protection from harm and danger

Part of the dzi beads’ mysterious so-called benefits is protection from possible harm or danger to the person wearing one. ‘ Dzi beads are usually worn as necklaces but one could also find bracelets. ‘ According to those who believe in the power of these dzi beads, wearing them gives protection against supposed bad supernatural forces. ‘ By simply wearing dzi beads, one can possibly avoid getting sick easily or being surrounded with bad or harmful energy.

2. Promotes health and wellness

Since dzi beads are closely associated with protection from bad or negative forces and energy, people may also benefit in terms of giving the body some healthy balance. ‘ With a healthy balance, the body’s immunity is said to be strengthened and therefore giving protection against sickness.

3. Various other benefits

Depending on the number of eye circles on the dzi beads, people who wear them also get various other benefits aside from protection from bad vibes and forces. ‘ Dzi beads that have only one eye circle are good to wear for people who want to have more wisdom. ‘ For people who wish to achieve calmness and peace of mind, the 13-eyed dzi beads are said to be good for them. ‘ Those who wish to gain success or get more appreciation from others, promoters of this product suggest wearing a necklace or bracelet containing dzi beads with 21 eye circles in the design. ‘ Along with the success that one may get from wearing this type of dzi bead, one could gain more confidence and strength in facing life’s concerns and difficulties.

For centuries, Tibetan people have adored the spiritual powers of dzi beads. ‘ Although some people may be sceptical of what one can gain from simply wearing these intricate bracelets and necklaces, there are still those who truly believe in the positive effects of the beads.

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