Benefits of DTH

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Benefits of DTH

DTH refers to Direct-to-Home cable services that are provided by various cable companies. ‘ DTH service packages usually include individual satellite dishes for every home or subscriber. ‘ This particular service is offered as an alternative to standard cabling systems which may have some limitations. DTH cable services literally mean that the television signals are directly received on the subscriber’s satellite dish or receivers unlike standard cables wherein the connection goes through several satellites and antenna stations. ‘ DTH services can provide various benefits including the following:

1. Greater service coverage

DTH cable services can be put up basically anywhere and regardless of where one’s home is. ‘ Standard cable systems may have some limitations in terms of coverage because lines of cables have to be literally put up to reach the subscriber homes.

2. More channels

DTH services typically offer more channel options that standard cable systems. ‘ Most channels offered also cater to different groups of people and therefore any member of the family can have several favorite channels of his/her own.

3. Better signal quality

Most Direct-to-home cable services are backed up by the latest in transmission technology resulting to clearer and more vivid signals or reception. ‘ Movies and television shows can be viewed with very high color definition and lighting.

4. Multiple language options

Channels offered by DTH cable providers can also be configured to customize the audio settings in terms of language. ‘ English and Hindu for example may be chosen by subscribers when viewing a particular channel.

DTH cable services basically provide a great value for money for many subscribers as they provide high quality signals and more channels to choose from. ‘ With increasing competition also, DTH services can also be availed at reasonable price packages. ‘ Some cable service providers may require an initial cash outlay for the satellite dish upfront but the cost of the equipment can still be maximized over time.

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