Benefits of drum circles

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Benefits of drum circles

Drum circles refer to a group or “circle” of people playing drums or any other percussion instrument together. ‘ The members of the group literally play their drums while forming a circle. Drum circles may involve a small group of friends but hundreds of people may also organize a huge drumming activity in a big space. ‘ Many people have done this activity for various reasons including recreation, community involvement, and others. ‘ Being part of drum circles though is not just related to music but instead also offers various benefits including:

1. ‘ Improved sense of self

Being part of drumming circles is a great social activity for people who may be shy or timid. ‘ The drumming activity is focused on group play which could help one develop better self-esteem and/or well-being. ‘ Members of drum circles also point out that the fun-factor involved in the drum circle sessions also make people happier and more socially connected.

2. ‘ Relief from Anxiety and Stress

Exposure to the rhythmic movement and sound of various drums is said to help relieve stress and anxiety. ‘ Experts believe that our bodies respond well to the rhythm of the sound and movement making them feel more relaxed. ‘ With body relaxation achieved, one will also feel less stressed out about life’s concerns.

3. Pain Relief

For minor aches and pains, drum circles can also help promote the production of the so-called feel-good hormones or endorphins. ‘ When these hormones spread in the body, people will feel less pain and become happier. ‘ Moods will basically be lifted just by playing drums in a group.

Many people join drum circles not just to have fun or because they love music. ‘ Some take part of it because of the social aspect while others join to improve confidence and self-worth. ‘ Others meanwhile join drum circles to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and thereby relieve stress.

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