Benefits of drinking vinegar

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For ages Vinegar has always been used for various household and cooking purposes. Vinegar has also been a folk-remedy which have helped us to prevent several kinds of health problems.

Among different types of vinegars that are available in the market, the most popular vinegar in the natural health community is the Apple-Cider Vinegar.

Here are a few benefits of Apple-Cider Vinegar that has been supported by scientific research.

Supports weight loss

Anecdotal evidences has shown that vinegar has been used for weight loss even during the ancient Egyptian times. According the recent researches done on Apple-Cider Vinegar, it has been found that this vinegar helps to burn fat which improves the functioning of our metabolism, leading to weight loss. According to a report, which has been published in the “Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism’ in 2010 it has been stated that 2 table spoon of vinegar ingested during the mealtime reduces the glycemic response to food by approximately 20 percent. In a study conducted by C. S Johnson, who is an eminent scholar in the Department of Nutrition at Arizona State University East, it has been noted that this effect of ingesting vinegar during the meals, is related to lowering down food consumption patterns as it leads to satiety.

Helps in management of diabetes

The use of vinegar to moderate glucose and insulin levels seems to offer certain benefits for patients suffering from diabetes. In 2005, a Swedish study published in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ has demonstrated that when participants in the said study ate simple carb meal based on white wheat bread, but accompanied it with vinegar, they experienced less spike in their blood sugar level, than those participants who just ate bread meal without vinegar.

In another animal study done with vinegar in December 2008, it has been also reported by the “Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences’ that drinking Apple-Cider Vinegar on a daily basis is of great value in managing diabetic complications.

Reduce chronic pain

It has been illustrated by D. C Jarvis on his research and study on Apple-Cider Vinegar that ingesting this substance on a daily basis helps in effectively alleviating a number of aliments that causes chronic pain. Per say, he even prescribed a regular tonic made out of Apple-Cider Vinegar for the treatment of gouts, migraines, chronic fatigue and arthritis. It has been found that the Malic Acid found in Apple-Cider Vinegar may be responsible for this pain-killing effect.

Aids in Digestion and Detoxification

The use of vinegar to promote cleansing has been used since the ancient times. It has been found the Hippocrates the Greek physician used Apple-Cider Vinegar to cure maladies such as digestive distress, joint pain and blood disorders.

  1. C Jarvis noted in his study on Apple-Cider Vinegar, that this substance helps in destroying harmful bacteria inside our digestive tract which helps in efficient digestion and elimination of waste.

Helps in improving Kidney and Liver Function

As vinegar is effective in breaking down fat, it has been clinically found that ingesting vinegar everyday helps in improving the functioning of our liver and kidney.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, drinking 2-3 table spoon of vinegar in a glass full of water every day is also beneficial for halting our premature ageing processes.

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