Benefits Of Drinking Tea

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Benefits of Drinking Tea

There are many reasons why a cup of tea is irresistible, especially after a long day’s work. Some people simply enjoy its aroma while others find it relaxing. Read on to find the many health benefits you can reap from drinking tea.

1. Tea is full of antioxidant properties

Want to keep the signs of aging at bay? Well, tea contains great antioxidants that help protect the body from harmful effects of pollution as well as premature signs of aging. Drinking tea is shown to rejuvenate your body, according to recent studies.

2. Cardiovascular health

Drinking tea might reduce your chance of stroke and heart attack. It eliminates blood clots formed due to high cholesterol levels responsible for stroke and heart attack. Tea might also prevent hardening of the arteries and veins, thereby help to maintain cell health. Moreover, studies have shown that drinking tea reduce the chance of heart attack, hence is beneficial to patients with heart complications.

3. Prevents osteoporosis

Tea may also help build strong bones, preventing the development of complications such as osteoporosis. One study done recently found that individuals who drank tea regularly had stronger bones, irrespective of body weight, age, smoking, exercise and other psychological factors.

4. Dental health

Tea help improve dental health but many people don’t realize its many health benefits. Although there is a huge debate in regards to this claim, tea contains tannin and fluoride that might prevent the formation of plaque. Therefore, incorporate unsweetened tea to your dental regimen of flossing and brushing for healthier gums and teeth.

5. Boosts immune system

Drinking tea might also help improve function of your immune system, providing protection from viral infections and diseases. Research shows that tea drinkers are more immune to diseases compared to non-drinkers.

Caffeine is addictive and may cause sleeplessness when taken in excess, thus you need to moderate your intake.

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