Benefits of dress codes in schools

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Benefits of dress codes in schools

Dress codes are fairly recent discovery of the schooling system of today. In the early Greek times, when the schooling system was just being invented, the idea of a dress code was non-existent. This was a concept developed in the mid 19th century in the midst of the industrial revolution. The concept some believe was brought about to bring a more formalised feel to the educational system, and it gives every student a feel of discipline. The dress code at schools has changed drastically overtime. The famous fictional American character Tom Sawyer went to school in just a shirt and a torn trouser and mostly even without shoes. The student of the private education system of today goes to school mostly in late 20th century attire of a shirt, formal trousers and a tie. In all probability, Mr. Sawyer would be very shocked that his contemporaries would be wearing these clothe over 170 years after him. But the evolution of the dress code has brought the student to become more presentable and put up a face of seriousness towards his studies.

Some key benefits of the dress code at schools are-


Discipline is the most important lesson that the schooling system wishes to teach its students from kinder garden to high school. Discipline and adherence to rules is what keeps society, as we know it, going. In most cases, the discipline factor is one of the key reasons people will want a dress code at schools.


The schooling system, through the dress code, teaches students to present a sharp image of them and also to present an image of how serious they are towards learning new lessons. In case the student goes to class in a proper dress code, it also promotes a sense of equality among students. As the number of socioeconomic inequalities is commonly prevalent in our society today, this is a good way to show students that they are all equal in the eyes of the educational institute, which in turn promotes an environment of excellence and trust.

Different from uniforms:

In most cases, the user might think that the dress code is an uniform that has to be worn on each and every day to the educational institute. This is not true of a dress code. The dress code is a general guideline to what a student might wear to the educational institute; the dress code which a student will wear on different days can be different from day to day uniforms. The best part of the dress code is that the students can make an expression of their style statement through the clothes they wear and at the same time keep within the set boundaries of the educational institute.

The conventional school uniform is quickly becoming out of date is being replaced with the dress code which is slightly modern and more liberal version of the uniform system. The most important feature of the dress code at schools is promoting decency.

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