Benefits Of Dreamweaver

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Benefits of Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a useful wed development tool for experts and novices alike. Formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver, the new application is now compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Recent versions now support technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and other scripting frameworks and languages including PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP.

1. Manage several sites
The main reason why Dreamweaver is popular in web design is that it allows you to work on several sites simultaneously. For example, if you are a web designer by profession, this flexibility certainly comes in handy as it enables you to switch between projects.

2. Easy-to-use rollover buttons
Dreamweaver also boasts easy-to-build rollover buttons and the application handles all the coding. Additionally, when you don’t have the time to create your own buttons, simply choose the existing set of buttons that have well-built rollover effects.

3. Flexible
By allowing you to work with template files, Dreamweaver is easy to learn even for novices not to mention it makes your work more flexible. When you make mistakes when designing a website but made the use of dwt extensions, you can easily correct the error on several pages instantly. This is also beneficial when updating website layouts.

4. Easy coding process
Dreamweaver has built-in coding features commonly known as CSS, which make coding easy for novices and professionals alike. Using the CSS feature in web design, you can now add new styles when designing websites.

5. Easy-to-use web forms
Another reason you should consider using Dreamweaver in web design it that is has an exceptional web form application/creator alongside a PHP script. Additionally, it enables you to create professional looking websites –all you have to do to create a good website is the application of in- built features like the CSS.

Despite of having a manual, Dreamweaver is a bit complex for rookie web designers. Some topics covered in the manual may need professional experience so to say.

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