Benefits Of DMSO

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Dimethyl sulfoxide or DMSO is an organosulfur compound, which exists as a colorless liquid. It is a vital polar aprotic solvent, which is capable of dissolving both polar as well as non-polar compounds. This means that DMSO is miscible both in organic solvents like alcohol as well as inorganic solvents like water. DMSO has a unique property of penetrating into the skin very easily. So a person is able to taste it the moment it comes in contact with the skin. The taste is similar to oyster or garlic and many times people find it repulsing. Earlier Dimethyl Sulfoxide or DMSO was considered a compound for industrial cleaning. Later on it was discovered that DMSO contains numerous benefits for the human body. Some of these benefits include:

1. Anti-Inflammatory and painkiller
According to some scientists DMSO can help in reducing inflammation and pain, particularly in relation to inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Certain studies have proved DMSO to be helpful as a painkiller for inflammatory diseases. The safety of this drug for humans is yet to be proved, but according to the Food and Drug Administration, DMSO can be used for treating inflammation in horses and dogs.

2. Helps in treating interstitial cystitis
According to information released by FDA DMSO helps in the treatment of interstitial cystitis in which the patient’s bladder gets inflamed. DMSO is inserted into the patient’s bladder through a catheter, allowed to remain there for some time and then removed.

3. Helps to prevent allergies
DMSO facilitates the antigens to get attached to cells. As a result these cells do not exhibit allergic reaction to certain external stimuli.

4. Helps to treat Down Syndrome
When the effect of DMSO was studied in people suffering from Down syndrome, it was found that DMSO aids in reducing the levels of abnormalities associated with disease.

5. Helps to reduce pain.
Intake of DMSO supplements alleviates various kinds of pain in the body. It numbs the nerve endings as a result of which impulses of pain slow down and are not transmitted to the brain.

6. Relieves sinus
DMSO products and supplements, aid in relieving the symptoms of sinus. After minutes of using the chemical, the nasal passages open up, and air movement improves. This helps in providing relief to sinus patients.

7. Protection form X-Ray
DMSO shields the body from the negative effects of X-rays, when these are used during medical penetration procedures.

8. Improves metabolism
DMSO helps to increase the rate of metabolism. As a result the body burns excessive fat, and converts it into energy.

Some people using DMSO have reported allergic reactions like hives headaches, and skin rashes. So any supplement or medicine containing DMSO should be used only after consulting with a medical practitioner.

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