Benefits Of Dips Exercise

Benefits of Dips Exercise

Bodyweight dips form an integral part in your fitness regimen if you want to build your lower chest. Triceps dips, commonly known as bar or chest dips, are excellent upper body workouts as they involve a series of unique body movements. This exercise involves moving the body up and down while the hands remain in a static position. Here are the reasons you should perform bar dips to strengthen your upper body.

1. Builds mass
After you have done some warm up routines, add weight to your workout as you progress to get maximum benefits. Continue adding weights as you progress to push your muscles to the limit (and consume the right nutrition) to build muscle mass quick. Nonetheless, it is not possible to get the desired results overnight you have to stick to your workout regimen and consume the right kind of foods.

2. Excellent compound movements
Dip exercise is mechanical in nature, meaning they involve a series of movements. In other words, you can increase the intensity of the routine as you progress. Furthermore, the exercise works on different muscle groups simultaneously.

3. Full body workout
This exercise is more challenging than push ups or barbell press. But with a proper nutrition and a comprehensive workout regimen, you will learn how to perform the routine with ease, not to mention the fact that you can add more weight as your progress when your bodyweight seems insufficient for an intensive workout.

4. Improves lockout strength
By including this exercise into your workout regimen, you can enhance lockout strength (straighten) the elbows. This is essential because improved elbow strength is needed to perform other intensive exercises like the barbell press.
Free weights are effective than use of weights but they make you vulnerable to risk of strain and injury, not to mention that they require more strength.

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