Benefits Of DHCP

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Benefits Of DHCP

Every device on an IP-based network should have a unique IP address in order to access the network and its resources. When new computers are used or when computers are moved from one place to another, the IP addresses have to be configured manually. DHCP enables this entire process to be automated and managed centrally. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and it maintains a collection of IP addresses. When DCHP starts up on a network it leases an IP address to a DHCP-enabled client. As the IP addresses are leased rather than being static or permanently assigned, all those addresses that are not in use are mechanically returned to the address pool and are reallocated when required. There are many benefits of using DHCP, some of which are:

1. Configuration is reliable

The use of IP address is often associated with typographical errors and address conflicts, wherein a presently assigned IP address is accidentally reissued to another computer. The use of DHCP automates the entire system and minimizes the configuration errors which are usually a part of a manual IP address configuration.

2. Reduced effort.

The manual configuration of networks is usually boring and labor intensive. The use of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol requires much less effort as compared to manual configuration.

3. Central control

The use of DHCP brings with it a central control of the entire system which is impossible in the case of so many IP addresses.

4. No duplicate IP addresses.

If the entire process of configuration of DHCP is done properly there can never be a problem of a Duplicate IP address, which otherwise causes a wastage of a lot of time.

5. Easy to update.

By using DCHP it is quite easy to update a default access or incorrect IP address on DNS servers. When manual changes are done instead of using DCHP the system administrator has to visit every machine of the network, a difficult and cumbersome task.

6. Reduced administration.

The use of DCHP reduces the task of Network administrators. They can centrally define both global and subnet-specific IP configurations.

7. Benefits to the clients.

When an old client begins to perform operations in a new location , the address changes of the client configurations should be updated frequently by making use of DCHP options so that all the information is updated automatically and efficiently. Aside from this, clients can be assigned a complete range of additional IP configuration values automatically by making use of DHCP options.

With so many benefits of the DCHP, it is preferred by network users all over the world. Most routers can put forward their DHCP configuration requests at a single server and there is no requirement of setting a DHCP server on each subnet.

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