Benefits Of Detox

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detox-pdBenefits Of Detox

We inhale and ingest numerous substances, which are harmful for our health. These include chemicals like pesticides, products from cleaning, intake of drugs, outside pollution and smoke etc. several metabolic reactions inside the body also produce multiple toxic products e.g. Ammonia. Detox, is the abbreviated form of detoxification, and refers to the body’s natural and ongoing process of eliminating or neutralizing harmful and toxic substances from the body. The presence of toxins can potentially harm the body tissue and cause many diseases. These are chemically transformed to less harmful compounds, which are then excreted through urine or stools. Though the term detox is used for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependence, it is also widely used for herbs, and diets, for the removal of dietary and environmental toxins from the body, resulting in optimum health. The many benefits of detox diet include:

1. Eliminate free radicals and toxins.
The continuous metabolic and biochemical reactions taking place in the body produce a large number of free radicals which if left untreated harm the cells and tissues of the system. Intake of detox diet helps to eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body. This protects us from many severe and fatal diseases.

2. Improve body’s immune function
Elimination of harmful free radicals from the body improves body’s immune function. This helps to protect the body to fight against many disease-causing organism like bacteria, virus and other microbes.

3. Improves the digestive tract.
Regular intake of detox diet helps to cleanse the mucous lining the digestive tract. It also cures congestion, fermentation, and inflammation of our digestive tract.

4. Aids to purify blood
As intake of detox diet eliminates toxins and free radicals from the body, it also aids to purify blood.

5. Improves the quality of our diet.
Today’s modern lifestyle has increased our intake of junked food so much that we consume a lot of sugars, salts, alcohol, junk foods, high glycemic carbohydrates, nicotine, etc. Intake of detox diet reforms and improves the quality of our diet.

6. Emphasizes on nutritional foods.
Regular intake of detox diet provides the body with nutrients like vitamins, and antioxidants. These help to detoxify the body and prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

7. Improves bowel movement.
Detox diet contains foods rich in fiber and water. Intake of such diet helps to increase the intake of fluids and fiber in the body. This help to improve the bowel movements in the body. It also increases the elimination of urine, thus improving the overall excretory system.

Detox diet is suggested only for healthy and fit people. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should not opt for it. Also, people suffering with anemia, diabetes, eating disorder, thyroid disease, kidney disease, terminal illness, autoimmune disease, cancer, and genetic diseases, should avoid going for a detox diet plan. In case they feel the need for it, they should consult their doctor before any such trial.

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