Benefits of designer babies

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Benefits of designer babies

Designer babies are babies with genes that are altered and/or chosen through genetic engineering. ‘ Through a process called in-vitro fertilization, these babies are formed and developed in laboratories and later implanted on the wombs of women. ‘ From the term itself, designer babies are designed by scientists with certain genes added or removed for the purpose of choosing certain looks, behavior, abilities, or characteristics. ‘ Proponents of the technology involved in making designer babies point out the following benefits:

1. Prevention of diseases

Many couples try to have designer babies for the purpose of helping their unborn child prevent certain illnesses that may be fatal and debilitating. ‘ Through genetic engineering, genes may be altered to take out those responsible for certain ailments like Down syndrome or blood-related conditions.

2. Treatment of diseases

Designer babies may also be agreed upon by couples who have an existing child who carries a serious illness. ‘ With new genes from a family member needed for treatment, only a genetically-modified baby may provide the answer. ‘ The newborn for example will provide stem cells that can be extracted and used to treat the other child with a serious disease. ‘ Through designer babies, a sibling’s illness may be treated and life may be prolonged.

3. Better family health

The basic goal of having designer babies is to improve health in the family. ‘ There are certain diseases that are acquired because of familial and genetic reasons and only genetic engineering can provide a choice for people who want to protect their succeeding generations from acquiring certain illnesses that run in the same family.

The science and technology behind designer babies is so complex that people need to have the right information before they make any decisions on wanting to be part of the whole process. ‘ Genetic engineering is also not perfect and there are possible complications and risks involved in the life of these designer babies.

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