Benefits Of Density

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Benefits of Density

All living things have density, the measurement of matter that is defined as mass per unit volume. For instance, dense materials are heavy due to their size, while less dense materials are light and better heat insulators.

1. Determines specific gravity

Gravity can be defined as an object’s density comparative to water. Materials that have a gravity of less than 1 often float in water, popularly known as buoyancy. You can determine whether an object will float on water if you know its relative density. In other words, denser objects sink while the less dense will float.

2. Shields radiation

Studies show that materials with higher density are better at shielding radiation than those that are less dense. Lead is the best shield and water is a poor shield since it has lower density. On the other hand, low-density objects are better thermal insulators. For example, urethane foam and fiberglass are good for insulation.

3. Ballast production

Dense materials make good counterweights and ballasts. Since water is handy and dense, it is ideal for submarines. On the other hand, lead and sand are commonly used as counterweights.

4. Production of swim noodles and mattresses

High density foam is commonly used in many industrial purposes since it retains its form. It has widely been used in the production of padded mattresses and seats, as well as in gym equipment. Moreover, it is beneficial for therapeutic purposes.

5. Yoga blocks

High density foam is popularly used to make exercise aids like yoga blocks. This is an excellent low impact exercise that you can do if you are recovering from injury. If your muscles are not yet accustomed to intense exercise, yoga blocks will help support your legs and thighs, which in turn with develop your alignment, balance and strength.

While there are no known drawbacks of density in industrial application, make sure you wear face mask and eye protection when using density fiberboard to avoid eye irritation.

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