Benefits Of Deleting Facebook

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Benefits of Deleting Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website that allows people all over the world to interact and connect with each other. However, due to some privacy concerns and other issues, it is very beneficial to delete your Facebook account. Even though Facebook is the most popular social website, there are other options that you can also use if you want to continue using social networking sites. Below are major benefits of deleting Facebook.

1. Saves time
You might argue and say that you also waste time in various other ways other than using Facebook. Nevertheless, many researches show that people spend lots of time on Facebook, which affects their productivity in other parts of their lives. Through joining Facebook, you basically create an activity that you would not opt for as the best usage of your time. Furthermore, you have to maintain your Facebook account regularly, which is not always worth it. By deleting Facebook, you eliminate the need of maintaining your account.

2. Better relationships
Facebook affects real relationships as it encourages online interaction as opposed to face to face meetings. When it is much healthier to communicate to real people either by phone or in person, Facebook would have people sit ahead of their computers and interact. The act of deleting Facebook makes certain that you develop only your online persona. Most users who have deleted their Facebook accounts now have better relationships with their friends and family.

3. Increases privacy
Facebook encourages users to share more information with their friends, which may not always be beneficial. Furthermore, if your Facebook account is hacked, vital information can be stolen. To protect your privacy, it is much better to delete your account. That way you will never require worrying about information loss.
The downside linked to deleting Facebook is that you will lose the option of easily communicating with your friends.

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