Benefits of deer antler velvet

Benefits of deer antler velvet

Velvet antlers from deer are commonly used in traditional medicine. ‘ In the case of deer, the antlers are referred to as velvet when they are cut off while the deer is still young and when the antler itself is not yet fully calcified. ‘ These antler velvets are typically allowed to completely dry and converted into powder form to use in tea preparations. ‘ With the many health benefits associated to deer antler velvet, it is also widely used in making drugs and supplements. ‘ The following are some of the benefits that people could get from deer antler velvets:

1. Immune system booster

Extracts from deer antler velvets are touted as immune system boosters by way of stimulating the production of more lymphocytes in the body. ‘ These lymphocytes or white blood cells literally act as the body’s defence against various sickness and illnesses.

2. Enhanced physical power

Regular intake of deer antler velvets are also said to produce an increased number of metabolites and testosterone in the body. ‘ With these elements boosted, one’s energy and physical performance will also be enhanced. ‘ The physical enhancements are due to the fact that deer antler velvets also help to improve muscle mass.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation that typically comes along with an arthritic condition may also be relieved by deer antler velvets. ‘ Studies have shown that the prostaglandin content of the deer antlers helps control or reduce inflammation and swelling in the affected body part or joint for example.

4. Anti-aging properties

With the boost in immune system and other beneficial effects like improved mental acuity and stress reduction, regular intake of medicines that contain the extracts of deer antler is also said to help defy aging and provide youthful energy.

With many health benefits associated with deer antler velvets, many people try to take advantage of them by taking supplements that contain their extracts. ‘ In the traditional form, some people also continue to use the dried powder form in preparing tea.

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