Benefits Of Debate

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Benefits of Debate

Debate refers to the act of using clever wording and reason to persuade others to agree with your personal opinion concerning the clarification of ideas and facts, revered by many and loathed by few. Debate aims to clarify many noble intentions and yet has managed to maintain an infamous reputation.

1. Cultivates decisive awareness
The main purpose of a debate is to help cultivate decisive awareness. You chose a stand and then the other party challenges your position from different points of view. If you are able to defend your position against any objection and you ascertain that it is free from contradictions and inconsistencies, you can challenge your opponents’ position so long as you have all the facts. When meditating on any topic, having firm conviction and convinced awareness can help you build a firm stand on that view or position.

2. Improves concentration
Further, an active debate provides an environment more conducive for newbies to develop their concentration. When meditating in a confined room, only willpower prevents you from sleeping or mentally wandering. On the other hand, many debates take place in noisy environs, which force the participants to concentrate. If you are distracted by the events around you, it is easy to get lost. Therefore, better concentration skills enable you to meditate in noisy environs.

3. Develops character
Debate can also develop your character. You cannot expect to win a debate if you are shy. You must convey your message as clearly as possible and remain firm on your position. But if you easily become angry during the debate or you display arrogance, you are likely to be defeated. So, you should learn the importance of maintaining emotional balance. Regardless of the outcome, debate teaches participants that losing is not a big deal.
Many argue that debates usually give folks tunnel vision as it typically involves two parties, making a subject inclined to one point of view.

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