Benefits of darkness

Benefits of darkness

Not many people may be comfortable with the idea of darkness but it actually has some effects to a person’s overall health. In fact, various studies have shown that darkness is needed for several hours for a daily basis in order for the body to function more effectively and perhaps help people to get healthy. The following are some health benefits of darkness:

1. Better sleep

Although some people may declare that they can get quality sleep regardless of what time of day it is or if the sleep with the lights on, total darkness can actually promote a better quality of sleep. It is only through a dark room that the body can fully rest and therefore get to deep sleep mode. With a dark room, sleep will be deeper and better.

2. Cancer prevention

Sleeping in total darkness is also found out to be a good way to prevent breast cancer in women. During sleep, the body will produce melatonin which is a cancer-fighting hormone. This hormone is only present in the blood at healthy levels when people sleep in a darkened room. Many studies have already linked the higher incidence of breast cancer for women who are exposed to some light during their sleep. There are also other studies that link darkness during sleep as a preventive tool against prostate cancer in men.

3. Weight gain prevention

For people who are overweight or obese, proper diet and regular exercise are not their only options to battle their weight concerns. Sleeping in the dark can also help these people in terms of having a regular meal schedule when they are awake. Over-eating can therefore be prevented just by sleeping with the lights off.

People may not be doing much activity during darkness except to sleep but it is at this crucial time that the body will replenish energy stores in preparation for the next day. It is also at this time that some hormones are secreted to boost the immune system and prevent possible illness.

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