Benefits of dalia

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Benefits of dalia

Dalia is a breakfast cereal that is popular in the northern parts of India. Some people refer to this cereal as bulgur. It is typically made of either whole wheat while some variants are sourced from broken wheat. Dalia is considered to be a good and healthy choice for breakfast because of the following benefits:

1. Fiber content

Dalia is very rich in fiber and is considered a complex carbohydrate. Food that is packed with fiber is preferred by dieticians and nutritionists because of their low glycemic index. This simply means that food items like dalia slowly release glucose into the bloodstream and thereby managing energy resources more effectively. With glucose stabilization and its fiber content, people will fell fuller much longer and will have a great chance of getting a balanced meal all throughout the day.

2. Nutrient content

Aside from fiber, dalia is a great source of energy-giving carbohydrates to the body. It also contains just enough protein to keep people feeling more satisfied with their meal. A bowl of this cereal also provides various vitamins and minerals including Vitamins B1 and B2, minerals magnesium and manganese among many others. Many of these nutrients have anti-oxidant properties and therefore protect the body from harmful toxins and possible ailments.

3. Contribution to weight management and diabetes

Being a complex carbohydrate-rich cereal, dalia is also referred to as a great breakfast food for those who have weight problems and people with diabetes. People who are overweight for example may gain benefit from regular dalia consumption as it will help them stay away from binging and overeating. Those with diabetes can also eat dalia to ensure that their glucose levels can stay stable all day.

The best thing about dalias is that they can be prepared and cooked along with other healthy ingredients like spices and vegetables making it a true health food.

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