Benefits Of Dairy Products

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Benefits of Dairy Products

Dairy products include things like milk, yogurt and cheese among others and they are vital for a nutritious diet . In general, intake of these dairy products offers essential minerals and vitamins needed for growth and good body health. Provided you consume healthy servings of dairy products, you are entitled to these health benefits;

1. Prevent osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is debilitating bone ailment that affects many people all over the globe aged 60 and older. Even though there is presently no real cure for osteoporosis, health experts recommend that a sufficient consumption of calcium all through life, particularly in childhood, is a good step to forming strong bones. This action helps to avert the development of osteoporosis.

2. Fight hypertension
Individuals who consume a nutrition rich in vegetables and fruits have reduced and healthy blood pressure levels. Simply adding milk products helps to double the effect of lowering blood pressure. This causes a reduction in cases of stroke as well as heart attacks. Dairy products also reduce homocysteine levels, which causes heart disease.

3. Highly nutritious
Dairy products act like good sources of several vital nutrients that include calcium, potassium, vitamins D and A, protein and phosphorous. Besides assisting in building strong bones, dairy products may assist to lower your probability of certain cancers. Moreover, calcium also plays an essential role in weight management.

4. Prevent kidney stones
High calcium consumption does not cause kidney stones. In fact, kidney stones comprise of a compound called calcium oxalate, with oxalate being responsible for kidney stones formation. However, since calcium from dairy products binds with oxalate and reduces its absorption in the small intestine, it prevents the kidney stones from forming.

However, dairy products might contribute to some health problems. This is because it may contain artificial hormones and pesticides got through grazing and animal feeds.

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