Benefits of Cydia

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Benefits of Cydia

Cydia is an important part of every iPhone that has undergone the process of Jailbreaking. It acts like the backbone of the phone and it offers several beneficial features to the user. Below are the main benefits of Cydia.

1. More video options

MxTube is one of the applications found on Cydia. This is a good place to watch the latest movies, bike racing, car racing, musing and lots more stuff on YouTube. This application only requires Wi-Fi to function. The beneficial thing about using MxTube application on Cydia is the fact that it is possible to download any YouTube video in both high quality and low quality.

2. Better games

Installous on Cydia is the place where users can go to look the apps and games for iPhone. A central point for all these applications makes getting access to them much simpler. Installous is accessible in lots of versions but the fourth version is the most secure and stable. Popular games found on Cydia include Assassin’s Creed, Pac-Man and many others.

3. Better personalization

Cydia allows users to better personalize their phones using WinterBoard. This application is only accessible on Cydia and it gives users access to the newest themes. Furthermore, there is an extensive variety of themes for WinterBoard. There are 3D themes, car themes and bike themes among others. Themes for celebrities and favorite television shows are also found on Cydia. The ringtones found on Cydia are also phenomenal. Some are for television shows like House, Top Gear and Monk. There are also some romantic ringtones and filmy ringtones.

Finally, most downloads on Cydia are free while only a few demand payments so as to use them. The main reason why iPhone users want Cydia is thus exclusivity. This is because this is the only place to get applications like Cycorder and Winterboard.

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