Benefits of cutting out dairy

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Benefits of cutting out dairy

Dairy products can be found in many food preparations and people consider them as regular or staple food. ‘ Some people can’t live without having milk during breakfast while others can’t imagine not having butter for cooking and baking. ‘ Dairy or milk-based products actually provide various health benefits including significant amounts of calcium that the body needs. ‘ But despite these benefits, there are also people who opt to cut out dairy products from their diet. ‘ For these people, cutting milk-based food items may also provide some benefits including the following:

1. No digestion or stomach problems

Some people are actually quite sensitive to milk and other milk-based food items like butter and cheese for example. ‘ Ingesting even small amounts of these food items will cause some people to have stomach pains and digestive problems. ‘ Some people will also get nauseated and vomit after drinking milk for example. ‘ Without dairy products on the food list, these so-called lactose-intolerant people can avoid the problems associated with drinking milk.

2. Fewer calories

Milk-based products are also associated with high-calorie food items. ‘ With these products excluded from the diet, some people will consume less food in a given day. ‘ For this reason, there are people who skip milk or cheese and eat other items instead. ‘ Fewer calories also benefit those who are obese and trying to lose some weight. ‘ Many milk-based products are also fattening and so excluding them from the diet can also lead to better overall health.

3. Lower cancer risk

There have been studies that indicate the increased incidence of prostate cancer in men who consumed high volumes or quantities of dairy products. ‘ A very high intake of milk-based products for example could result of up to 50% chance of developing prostate cancer in males.

Many experts suggest taking dairy product alternatives for those who are concerned with their milk-based product intake. ‘ Although dairy products is a good source of calcium, there are other food items that contain calcium and less of the calories and fat content associated with dairy products.

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