Benefits Of Cupping

cupping-chinese-medicine-pdBenefits Of Cupping

Cupping is a very old Chinese practice wherein cups are applied on top of skin surface, resulting in local congestion. It is a type of deep tissue massage wherein the pressure contained in the cups is lowered with the help of either heat or suction.Â’ Cupping treatment is practiced in many countries all over the world including China, Arab countries and Malaysia. In each country the same practice of cupping is known by different names. Different people practicing this therapy use different types of cups for treatment including, plastic cups, rubber cups, bamboo cups, cupping glass, and traditional cups. The most recently used cups these days are the vacuum cups, which have proved to be quite effective in treating many diseases. There are many benefits of cupping, some of which include:

1.Improves blood circulation
The application of cupping therapy improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. As a result sufficient oxygen reached the body cells for cellular oxidation, releasing good amounts of energy for various physical activities.

2.Stimulates digestive system.
Cupping therapy stimulates the working of digestive system, as a result of which better digestion of food takes place. The metabolism of the body improves and more energy ios available for body activities.

3.Clears blockages in the colon
When cupping therapy is done on the body, it aids in clearing the blockages of the colon. As a result toxins accumulated in the colon and excretory passages get removed. This prevents the occurrence of serious and fatal diseases like colon cancer.

4.Aids to activate the lymphatic system
Practicing this therapy on one’s body helps to activate the lymphatic system of the body. As a result there is improved circulation of blood to different body cells and tissues.

5.Helps to release toxins.
The human body is a complex system of reactions that occur continuously. As a result of these reactions toxic and harmful substances are produced, the presence of which might lead to cause many diseases. These harmful and toxic substances should be removed from the body, if one wants to stay healthy. Cupping therapy causes the body cells and tissues to release toxins and prevents then occurrence of many serious and lethal diseases. Removal of these substances also delays the ageing process.

6.Improves flexibility
Cupping therapy makes the body flexible for various kinds of physical activities.

7.Helps to treat many diseases.
This therapy has traditionally been used for the treatment of many diseases like colds, high blood pressure, high fever, sciatica, joint pains, muscle spasms, stiff shoulders, arteriosclerosis, lung infections, and strokes.

There are little or no disadvantaged of getting this therapy done on one’s body. The only restriction is that it should not be done on hairy areas of the body.

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