Benefits of cryogenics

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Benefits of cryogenics

Cryogenics is a method of treating various materials to extremely low or so-called cryogenic temperatures. This process is commonly used in the manufacture and treatment of steel products with temperature pegged at below 310 degrees Fahrenheit. Cryogenics as a material treatment procedure has gained popularity and respect over the ‘ years because of the benefits it offers including the following:

1. Removal of residual stress

Residual stress refers to stresses that remain in the material after all original stress or force has been removed. ‘ When stresses remain on a steel product for example, it could mean less durability or lowered strength. ‘ With materials undergoing cryogenic treatment, all residual stress will be removed.

2. Improved durability

Steel that is treated with a cryogenic procedure will have the ability to resist easy wear or decay from rusting. ‘ With this particular ability, steel products that underwent cryogenics will be strengthened to last for a longer period when compared to other steel products that are made the conventional way. ‘ Another great thing about cryogenic treatment is that it also results to a more uniform hardening of a particular material. ‘ With uniform hardness all throughout a steel plate for example, it is also expected that this particular plate will not wear easily.

3. Treatment is permanent

Another great thing about cryogenics is that the treatment process is done only once. ‘ This simply means that the treatment procedure is permanent. ‘ Treated materials will have enough strength and durability to last for long periods.

The traditional way of handling steel products and other materials is always associated with heating procedures or treatment with high temperatures. ‘ It took a while before various industries have begun to appreciate and apply the principle of cryogenics in steel and/or metal treatment for example. ‘ Nowadays, cryogenic treatment is considered the newest technology in terms of producing the most durable and efficient steel or metal products.

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