Benefits Of Crushed Red Pepper

Benefits of Crushed Red Pepper

Crushed red paper is made from dried and crushed red peppers. If you enjoy spicy food, add crushed red pepper to your pasta dish or pizza and serve it hot. You will definitely enjoy their spicy aroma, not to mention that they have a wide array of health benefits. Read on and find out the many health benefits you can gain from crushed red pepper.

1. Antioxidant effects

Studies show that red pepper contain antioxidant effects, commonly found in diet s like veggies and fruits – that help neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage. Free radicals not only cause damage, but also make you vulnerable to disease. Therefore, antioxidants found in red pepper eliminate free radicals.

2. Anti-inflammation properties

Researchers suggest that spices may have a role in reducing inflammation. Adding spices to your diet can help treat many inflammatory disorders, as well as allergies. Herbs and spices form an excellent anti-inflammatory nutrition to assist in the treatment of various diseases.

3. Weight loss

Crushed red peeper can also help in weight loss, promote satiety, boost metabolism and improve the quality of your diet. Peppers have a compound known as capsaicin that is believed to boost metabolic processes. Moreover, consumption of flavored diets is satisfying, which means you will consume less and feel full longer.

4. Reduces risk of stroke

Red pepper flakes also reduce the chance of blood clots as they prevent platelets from stomping together. As a result, this will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis, as well as stroke.

5. Boosts immunity

Eating something spicy can help relieve congestion and open up blocked sinuses. In addition, it prevents flus by improving function of your immune system. Simply sprinkle red peppers on your pasta or pizza and enjoy the spicy taste.

While there are no alarming side effects associated with crushed red pepper, put in mind that moderation is important.

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