Benefits Of Cross Country Skiing

Benefits of Cross Country Skiing

Commonly known as Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing is a popular sport that you can try as a newbie. It normally combines skating, hiking and skiing. However, the skis are lighter, narrower and lighter as compared to downhill skis. Even though a beginner can use the long skis like tramp and snowshoes, the proper technique involves gliding with your entire body at an angle of forty five degrees to the ground.

1. Builds upper body strength

Cross-country skiing is recognized as the healthiest past time for people living sedentary lifestyles. There are many reasons for that. For starters, cross-country skiing involves the use of all muscles groups in the lower and upper body. In addition to that, it is a great aerobic activity for those seeking to improve their physical fitness.

2. Low-impact

Unlike weight lifting, cross-country skiing is low impact. This means that chances of accidents are minimal. On the other hand, the exercise does not place much discomfort on your joints like running. Thirdly, your muscles stretch while skiing which develops both strength and flexibility.

3. Safe

Cross-country skiing gear is less expensive than other skiing equipment. Also, it is safer since it leaves you in control of direction and speed. Moreover, you don’t require any lessons, but it is advisable to keep in mind a few things to reduce the chances of injury.

4. Great experience

Cross-country skiing not only enhances one’s physical fitness but provides a great outdoor experience as well. In addition to that, cross-country skiing is calming and relaxing not to mention it is safer than downhill skiing. It is beneficial if you do it on a regular basis but with the right form.

Although there is minimal risk involved during cross-country skiing, it is always prudent to use correct form to minimize your risk of injury.

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