Benefits of CPR First-Aid

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Benefits of CPR First-Aid

CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation refers to a manual procedure wherein a person tries to revive a victim’s life by way of providing artificial air and pumping the chest to activate the lungs. The main purpose of CPR given as a type of first-aid intervention is to prevent the victim from dying and possibly preserve brain function. CPR administration may provide the following benefits:

1. Actual assistance to victim

Having some knowledge on CPR or being trained for it is very essential especially in emergency situations. While waiting for medical personnel to arrive for example, every single minute that passes by is very crucial to a particular victim of drowning or possible heart attack. By doing CPR immediately, actual assistance may be given to people who may have suffered from life-threatening problems.

2. Preservation of brain function

When a person is unconscious or is barely breathing during an emergency case for example, CPR may be indicated immediately to help preserve the victim’s brain function. By manually pumping the heart and providing much-needed airflow, major organs of the victim’s body is supplied with oxygen. In terms of the brain, some parts of it will be permanently damaged if there is not enough oxygen supply for several minutes. Through CPR, oxygen may be re-introduced to the brain and therefore possibly prevent permanent damage.

3. Prevent possible death

Providing CPR as a first-aid technique may be the only thing needed by some people in order for them to recover from a heart attack for example. Through CPR alone, victims of drowning may come back to life and do not need further medical attention. For medical emergencies, CPR administration is very crucial as it may be the only way to keep victims alive.

CPR or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is an important technique or skill to learn for many people. The medical community have always promoted the role of having CPR-skilled people in neighbourhoods because people basically will never know the time when their knowledge of CPR is needed. For heart attack and drowning victims for example, CPR may be their only chance of staying well and alive.

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