Benefits of cow manure

Benefits of cow manure

The feces from cows may be a little too stinky and smelly for some people but it actually provides various benefits in the field of agriculture. ‘ For centuries, people have taken advantaged of cow manure as a good soil fertilizer. ‘ It is said that cow manure, whether it is fresh or old, can provide various benefits including:

1. Improved Soil Quality

Cow manure is widely used as a good soil fertilizer. ‘ As for fresh manures, these are said to contain bacteria that helps in speeding up the decomposition of cellulose. ‘ With faster decomposition of organic materials, plants will benefit from the faster release of nutrients from the soil. ‘ Old manure is also beneficial even if already dried up or exposed to heat. ‘ Old cow manure still contains various nutrients to make the soil healthier. Even soil from desert areas can be improved in terms of nutrient and quality just buy adding cow manure.

2. ‘ Improved Plant Quality

With soil that is kept or maintained nutrient-rich and healthy, plants will get the most benefit in terms of their growth and development. ‘ Soil that is fertilized with cow manure is said to contribute to improvements in the overall size, appearance, quality, and even taste of the plant.

3. No harm to the plants and the environment

Since cow manure is an organic type of soil fertilizer, people need not worry regarding toxicity to the soil, plants, and even to themselves. ‘ Animals that may come in contact with the soil are also unharmed of this natural fertilizer.

4. Moisture retention

Along with the nutrients in cow manure, it is also able to hold moisture for the soil for a longer period of time. ‘ With enough moisture, plants are able to grow healthy. ‘ Ph levels for the soil are also maintained because of enough moisture provided by cow manure.

With the various benefits of cow manure above, many farmers and agriculturists use it and promote it to have healthier plants. ‘ Vegetables and crops are some of the various plants that can get more nutrients from soil that is fertilized with cow manure.

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