Benefits Of Costco Executive Membership

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Benefits of Costco Executive Membership

The Costco executive membership is the highest membership level in this organization . Executive members are entitled to a 2% incentive on Costco purchases as well as other benefits on associated services like reduced prices on internet and residential telephone service. This article examines more benefits of having the Costco executive membership.

1. 2% reward

Regardless of the increased annual fee associated with Costco executive membership, it offers better reward features as well as additional conveniences. The executive membership program offers a beneficial feature not accessible to other members, which is a coveted 2% reward on all Costco procurements. Provided you are capable of spending more than $2,500 per year at various Costco stores, the executive membership will pay for itself eventually.

2. Refund policy

For those who are still uncertain of producing the extra $50 fee and upgrading to executive membership from gold star, the refund policy ought to sway you easily. Costco explicitly states on its sites and all its stores that they are going to refund the membership fee at any period if a customer is dissatisfied. This means people can try out the executive membership that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Discounted services

Costco executive membership entitles the holder to extra warehouse benefits as well as better discounts on all Costco services. Even though all existing Costco members enjoy discounted price rates on automobile, dental and health insurance, executive membership offers the benefit of even better offers and deals. The more outstanding benefits that executive members get include free roadside help for automobiles covered by Costco’s vehicle insurance program, savings on identity protection and payroll services. Moreover, Costco executive membership comes with special advantages on vacation packages.

The only limitation related to the Costco executive membership is that it might result in impulsive buying. It is quite simple to become distracted when shopping at Costco, such that you purchase what you do not really need.

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