Benefits of cooking with coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Although supposed health benefits of cooking in coconut oil has sparkled several debates in the medical community, however recent researches has indicated that as not all saturated fats are equal, cooking in coconut oil is indeed beneficial for our health.

It has been found in several recent studies on this oil that coconut oil is extremely rich in Lauric acid, which is a saturated fatty acid- the healthy type of cholesterol that does not increase HDL. Coconut oil also contains medium chain triglycerides that are used directly for the formation of energy by our body.

It has been observed that heat along with oxygen and light often destroys the beneficial fats in some oils. Hence polyunsaturated fats are considered as most fragile and are thus not recommended for cooking. Coconut oil, on the other hand, which contains mainly saturated fat, is able to withstand higher temperatures than other oils, and so is considered as one of the best oils for the purpose of cooking. Coconut oil also gives a delicious taste and flavor to our foods which is even more enhanced by cooking in extra-virgin coconut oil.

Here are few of the most essential health benefits of cooking in coconut oil.

Lowers cholesterol

Lauric acid, a saturated fat which is present in this oil helps in increasing the good HDL cholesterol in our blood. According to certain research done on this delicious oil, it has been found that coconut oil as a matter of fact lowers cholesterol by promoting its conversion to Pregnenolone, which is needed for production of many of the hormones in our body. It has even been found that coconut oil can restore normal functioning of the thyroid glands, which does not function properly when there is a rise in bad cholesterols.

Balances weight

Coconut oil contains special fats which are known as MCT or medium chain triglycerides. MTC is a healthy fat that that helps in efficient burning of our energy. In of the studies conducted on this oil in 2009, it has been found that people who consume 30 ml coconut oil daily, tend not to gain more weight, but actually reduces their abdominal fat that contributes to all major kinds of cardiac problems.

Prevents ageing

Coconut oil have a positive antioxidant action in our body. Which in other words means that cooking in this oil aids our body to stop the damage to other healthy fats and tissues within our body. According to a research done in Texas USA in 2011, it has been found that coconut oil helps in reducing the need for antioxidant intake as it decreases oxidation and formation of free radicals that contributes in many cardiovascular problems and ageing of our skin.

Helps in increasing cognitive functions

Scientific researches on this oil has recently found a connection between extra virgin coconut oil and brain function abilities. It has been studied that over time blood-glucose-inhibitors can limit the amount of energy that flows to our brain, which imbibes limitation in the cognitive functions of the brain cells. Consuming coconut oil on a daily basis helps in Ketone production which is used by the brain in absence of glucose that aids in restoring brain activities.

Creates lean muscles

It has been found cooking foods in coconut oil helps in building lean muscles. Adding extra virgin coconut oil to fruits like bananas often helps in increasing the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time.

Apart from the above stated benefits cooking in coconut oil is also helps in killing harmful bacteria that often remains even after cooking our foods in other kind of oils.

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