Benefits of conflict

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Benefits of conflict

Conflict refers to differences in ideas, views, plans, motives, values, and many other things. ‘ Some conflicts may be resolved immediately after simple conversations while others may lead to confrontations and violence. ‘ All these seemingly negative things make people dismiss conflict as having no benefit at all. On the contrary though, any form of conflict may actual provide some lessons and benefits to people. ‘ Some of these benefits are the following:

1. ‘ Acceptance that a problem exists

Sometimes it is only through conflict that people on different sides of things will be able to realize that an actual problem exists. ‘ Some people assume that one way to do things may be just fine but if the views of others are different, conflict may arise but it also results to the realization that something is wrong and that the existing conflict should be addressed.

2. More options to deal with problems

Conflicting views may also arise to more options to deal with certain concerns. ‘ There are even times that conflicting ideas will yield better solutions to the problems at hand.

3. More lessons in life

When a conflict arises, people should always see it as an opportunity to learn. ‘ The experience alone of being in a conflict would yield some lessons about the specific situation. Some people will learn more how to deal with other people’s views and opinions while there are also people who will learn more about themselves in terms of their strengths and weaknesses when experiencing a conflict.

Conflict basically gives people a different way to see things or a different point of view. ‘ Sometimes people are only focused on what they see and what they believe in and this is what makes them have difficulty understanding other people which could later arise to conflict. ‘ The best thing about conflict is that everything could be resolved if only people will listen to each other’s side of the story.

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