Benefits of community college

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Community College

In modern times, community colleges are not what they used to be. In fact there are major advantages of attending local community colleges. Per say, even if we let go of the obvious financial advantages that we find my attending community colleges, these academic institutions are a great place where anyone can knock out there general course and at the same time explore their other interests on a flexible schedule that works for them. More over community colleges are a perfect place to find out what major one is going to pursue and wherefrom one is going to get their higher degrees from, after passing out of their college.

So even if you had your heart set on some dream school and have ended up in a community college or if you have willing made a choice to join one, then here are a few reasons that we all must read as to why community colleges are actually awesome.

According to Study in America, which is a website for international students, the benefits of attending US community colleges are:

Affordable cost

It has been found that fees and college tuitions of US community colleges are approximately 50% lesser than four-year college and universities. So for students those who are looking for saving on their hard earned money, can pursue a bachelor’s degree by taking their first 2 years of a university program at any of the local community colleges in US.

Course credits are transferred to the Universities

Most of the community colleges in US have an “articulation’ agreement with several four-year University and colleges that permits the students to transfer their community college credits to their bachelor programs in other universities. Most of the state universities in US allows third year students to complete their bachelor’s programs in their universities if the student has completed all the necessary course requirements need for the first 2 years, in community colleges located within USA.

Provides focused teaching

In US, community college faculties primarily pays focus on providing personal attention to their students unlike four-year colleges and universities where the college faculty often spend time away from their classrooms to conduct research or find themselves engaged in publishing. In technical community colleges, the students even gets opportunity to gain real-world perceptions from the college faculties who generally have practical work experiences on the subjects that they teach.

Small class size

Community colleges in US, are a great place where one can find the atmosphere in which they can easily ask questions and discuss with their classmates and instructors, which not only helps in grasping critically difficult concepts but also pave way for building up relationships.

Small class size of the local community colleges in US, makes the students adjust to their pace of academic life much easily, which is often not found in 4-year colleges and universities.

Hundreds of programs to choose from

No matter what the student is interested in, one is sure to find a program that fits their need at any of the 1,200 regionally recognized community colleges in USA.

Apart from these, for foreigner students, community colleges in US, are the best place where they can brush up on their English speaking skills.

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