Benefits of cold showers

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Although it probably seems that cold shower is a dreadful thing, and one may not have the courage of putting oneself through it on one’s own free will, but nevertheless cold showers have several surprising benefits which are listed below.

There are a plenty of studies which has proved that, bathing under cold showers can make us sick, is nothing but a myth. In reality, cold shower therapy is one of the healthiest ways to regulate our internal temperature which in turn boosts our immunity.

Here is are a few other good things that cold showers does for us.

Burns fat

There are two different kind of fats inside our body. One is the white fat while the other is brown fat. Among these two, white fat is considered bad and it tends to accumulate around our waist, neck, lower back and thighs. However brown fat is the fat which generates heat to keep our body warm. In a research done on fatty elements on our body, it has been clinically proved that brown fat gets activated in extreme cold weathers which burns calories to keep us warm. Cold showers increases the metabolic rate of brown fat by fifteen folds. So bathing in cold waters make us lose weight at a faster pace, hence cold showers are ideal for people who are suffering from obesity.

Improves our mood and cures depression

It has been seen that many mood disorders can be cured by cold showers. As cold showers stimulates the production of noradrenaline secretion inside our brain, bathing in cold water often lessens depression and other similar mood disorder related ailments.

Increases immune strength

It has been clinically recorded that people those who indulges in cold showers exhibits higher concentration of plasma, lymphocytes and T-helper cells in their blood. It has also been seen bathing in cold showers increases our white blood cell counts, which in turn actually boosts our immunity. So people those who enjoy cold showers, tend to fall less sick than peoples who do not.

Increases alertness and makes us feel energized

We all feel a bit groggy after we take our first step out of the bed. In fact, this is a universal truth, which every one of us struggle with. Nevertheless to pep us up in the morning, taking a cold shower before go out for our daily work increases our sense of alertness. It is a natural fact that when we pour cold water over our body, our breath deeps in response to the shock of the cold water, as our body tries to keep itself warm by increasing the oxygen intake. This phenomenon results in acceleration of our cardiac output and increase in the flow of blood inside our circulatory system, that improves our alertness and makes us fell energized for the day.

Enhances the glow of our hair and skin

Cold showers are an effective remedy in reducing the appearance of acne. While warm water loosens the pores on our skin, cold water tightens the cuticles on our body which makes less dirt accumulate on our skin and on our scalp that improves the texture and appearance of our hair and skin.

Apart from these above stated facts, cold shower also increases the level of testosterone production in our body as the testosterone which once gets elevated during the cold shower, remains so for the rest of the day.

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