Benefits Of Coffee for Women

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Benefits of Coffee for Women

Coffee is well-known for its unique aroma and taste that gives you an instant revitalizing effect. This makes it a must-have beverage among folks from all walks of life regardless of their religious or personal beliefs. In fact, most of us cannot start their day without drinking a hot cup of coffee. While it is commonly associated with bad health, studies now show that coffee offers many health benefits, particularly to women. Read on and find out why you should have a hot cup of coffee everyday.

1. Healthy digestion
Coffee has been proven to help with various digestive disorders. This is because it has diuretic effect that inhibits water retention. So when you have a bloated stomach, simply drink a hot cup of coffee for instant relief.

2. Dental health
Coffee also has excellent anti-adhesive and anti-bacterial effects which help to treat various problems associated to dental health. This includes gum infection, plaque formation and cavities. In women, drinking coffee can help with bleeding gums, as well as alleviating asthma symptoms and chronic headache. In fact, caffeine is an active ingredient in some medications used to treat headache and asthma.

3. Reduces cancer risk
Consumption of coffee is related to lowered risk of ovarian cancer in women, as well as breast cancer. According to recent studies, intake of coffee prevents liver cancer and other studies show a connection between coffee intake and lowered risk of prostrate cancer.

4. Laxative effects
Coffee is well-known for its laxative effect and can prevent constipation. Nonetheless, excessive consumption of coffee may affect bowel movement. In women, coffee consumption can prevent depression, mood swings and hangover. Moreover, research show that coffee intake may be useful for diabetics.
Excessive intake of coffee can increase your risk to ulcers and gastritis. So, make sure you moderate your consumption.

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