Benefits of Codeine

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Benefits of Codeine

Codeine is a drug from the opiates family and is used for a variety of conditions. ‘ Generally, codeine is a legal drug as it has various health benefits and medical applications. ‘ But some people also use codeine as a recreational for its psychogenic effects. ‘ In the field of medicine, codeine has the following benefits:

1. ‘ Relief of pain

Codeine is commonly prescribed for the treatment of mild to moderate types of pain. ‘ It is one of many alkaloids in opium that has pain-relieving or analgesic effects. ‘ One just has to make sure to take codeine in the right dosage as prescribed by doctors because this drug can be addictive. ‘ In oral form, codeine is usually prescribed to be taken 4-6 hours a day using 15-50 mg. tablets.

2. ‘ Relief of cough

Codeine is also an active ingredient that can commonly be found in medicines for people with coughs. ‘ Specifically, codeine acts as a suppressant or as anti-tussive relieving people from the constant urge to cough. ‘ Anti-tussives like codeine are especially helpful for people who are said to have unproductive or dry coughs, the type where there is less or no production of phlegm.

3. Diarrhea relief

People with frequent problems with bowel movement may also be prescribed with codeine. ‘ Conditions like mild to moderate diarrhea and/or irritable bowel syndrome may respond well to this drug.

Despite the possible recreational use for this drug, codeine is widely used in the medical industry because of the various health benefits it offers. ‘ It is also not uncommon for codeine to be mixed with other drugs for an improved formulation and effect. ‘ In the case of pain relievers for example, codeine is commonly mixed with other drugs like paracetamol and aspirin. ‘ As a cough suppressant, codeine may also be mixed with ibuprofen. ‘ Various other drugs like anti-inflammatories and anti-histamines may also work well with codeine.

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