Benefits of Cod Liver Oil For Skin

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Cod liver oil has several additional benefits other than its culinary advantages. It contains huge amounts of vitamins D and A as well as fatty acids among other great nutrients. Cod liver can also be used like a health supplement and it is accessible at most pharmacies nationwide. This particular supplement may assist to prevent various skin diseases, lesions or rashes. It may also enhance dry skin so as to improve the appearance of skin.

1. Treats psoriasis

Psoriasis is basically a skin ailment that affects skin cells and their life cycle. In consequence, skin cells accumulate rapidly forming crusty patches on the skin. These patches are generally unsightly and also itchy to the sufferers. According to health experts, psoriasis may be managed through using cod liver. The fatty acids found in this oil work through limiting the development of irritation causing agents. Topically applying cod liver may assist to alleviate this skin ailment.

2. Dry skin

All over the world people are suffering from dry skin, which causes redness and itching. Cod liver assists in moisturizing and softening dry skin. You can orally ingest it so as to lessen the amounts of a substance that is associated with dry skin. As such, cod liver may assist your skin to appear healthy once again. Make sure that you use this supplement exactly as instructed by your physician and you will obtain the vital aid that you are seeking.

3. Dermatitis treatment

This skin condition causes itchy and swollen skin to appear. Dermatitis may be treated through using fatty acids present in cod liver. According to skin experts, cod liver possesses strong anti-inflammatory effects that improve skin ailments such as dermatitis.

In order to receive the above benefits, you can either apply this oil directly onto the skin or take it orally like a supplement.

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