Benefits of Coal Mining

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Benefits of Coal Mining

Coal is mined in different parts of the world because it is a great source of energy. ‘ Various industries use coal for their energy requirements. ‘ Despite many concerns regarding the safety of the miners and its effect on the environment, coal mining continues to grow up to today. ‘ Below are the various benefits offered by coal mining:

1. ‘ Coal mining provides readily available energy

Coal is considered as one of many abundant minerals in the world. ‘ Because of its abundance, many countries and/or industries rely on coal for their energy needs. ‘ Coal can be found in various parts of the US and in other countries making it readily available for consumption. ‘ This is in contrast to the availability of other energy sources such as oil or natural gas.

2. Coal provides ease of use

This is one of the biggest advantages of coal over other energy sources. ‘ After mining coal, one just literally burns it to be able to take advantage of it. ‘ Other energy sources need to be processed or go through several stages of preparation and refinement before they can be useful to people. ‘ Oil for example needs to be processed and refined before it can serve its purpose. ‘ And since coal also provides ease of storage, it can instantly be used when one needs it.

3. Coal provides a cheap energy source

When compared with other energy sources, coal is considered the cheapest. This is why some countries rely on coal despite some of its effects on the environment. ‘ Energy is a main requirement in almost every household and anything that comes cheaper is always welcome.

The earth’s population is getting bigger by the day and with the scarcity and cost of other energy sources, many countries have supported coal mining to be their primary energy producer. ‘ It is also said that the whole industry of coal production generates more job from mining up to trading and distribution. ‘ All these will translate to benefits not only to end-users or the people but also to the whole country.

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