Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Most parents intuitively desire sleeping near their small babies, particularly during the first one or two years. Aside from strengthening the bonds between the children and their parents, co-sleeping offers numerous other benefits. The following are advantages of co-sleeping.

1. Easier to breastfeed

Breastfeeding women have found out that sharing a bed with their children makes breastfeeding process much simpler. Breastfeeding mothers also have an easier time than mothers who bottle-feed their babies with regards to syncing their sleep cycles together with their children. They usually wake up a few minutes before the baby wakes for feeding. Through being close to their baby and anticipating feeding, a mother can breastfeed the child back to sleep even before the baby fully awakens.

2. Children flourish better

Following extensive research where sleep sharing families were observed keenly, it was discovered that the children really flourished. They not only grew bigger, but they also achieved their full potential physically, intellectually and emotionally. Maybe it is the additional touch during sleep sharing or even the additional feedings since most sleep sharing babies’ breastfeed more regularly in contrast with solo sleepers.

3. Contemporary parenting

Co-sleeping is more appropriate in the current busy society because more mothers are usually disjointed from their children in the day, out of requirement. For these parents, sleeping together with their children during the night enables them to reconnect, making up for the time lost in the day. In addition, relaxing hormones produced when nursing the baby helps a mother alleviate stress.

4. Better sleep

Co-sleeping children normally sleep much better than those who sleep on their own. Being nursed to sleep in the warmth of a mother’s or father’s arms fosters a healthy attitude towards sleep.

A huge demerit of co-sleeping is that there is a high risk of accidentally smothering the child in the night.

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