Benefits Of CNG

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Benefits Of CNG

CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is produced by compressing natural gas and is primarily used for the transport sector. Natural Gas has a low density due to which it can be compressed to a pressure of about 200-250 kg/sq. cm. this in turn enhances the on-board storage capacity of a CNG vehicle. The main components of natural gas are Ethane and Methane. Apart from this natural gas also contains heavier hydrocarbons, which are usually removed by processing. Once the heavier hydrocarbons are removed the residual gas is known as lean gas and is brought back to the pipeline system. This gas is then compressed and distributed as CNG. There are many benefits of using CNG as compared to other fuels. Some of these benefits include:

1.Beneficial to the environment.
Compressed Natural Gas is quite beneficial for the environment and is commonly known as the green fuel. The gas does not contain harmful elements like lead and sulphur and so none of these elements are released in the environment as byproducts. Thus, use of CNG helps to reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere. The gas is non-corrosive in nature and thus increases the durability of spark plugs. CNG is free from lead and benzene and keeps the environment free from their fatal compounds.

2.Enhances the life of lubricating oils.
Another important benefit of using CNG as a fuel is the enhanced life of lubricating oils. CNG does not contain any harmful substance and this prevents the contamination and dilution of the crankcase oil.

3.Easily mixes with air.
CNG is a gaseous fuel and mixes easily and evenly in the air.

4.Safe fuel.
CNG has a very high ignition temperature of about 540 degrees Celsius. Thus even on hot surface there are very few chances of the fuel being auto ignited and cause loss to life and property. The inflammability range of the fuel is quite narrow i.e. 5%-15%. This means that CNG is inflammable only when its concentration in air lies between 5%-15%. There will be no combustion below or beyond this range and prevents accidents.

5.Low cost.
The operational expenditure of vehicles that run on CNG is quite low as compared to those running on fuels like petrol and diesel.

6.Reduced pollution.
Nowadays the power plants use large amounts of Natural gas in place of heavy fuel oil. This has significantly reduced the amount of emissions in the environment. Studies have revealed that the amount of carbon dioxide is reduced by 28% and particulates by about 92%.

CNG has all the characteristics of a good fuel. It is therefore advisable to buy vehicles that use CNG as fuel and contribute to improve the quality of the environment.

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